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13. julio. 2011 - Paltas: s/1.20/kilo = Avacados: $0.44 US/ 2.24 pounds.

Posted by katstales on July 13, 2011 at 1:45 PM

Oh my god guacamole and beer. That is really all I need.

Huaycan is getting ready to celebrate it's 26th Anniversary which can mean only one thing: cue races!

Yea dude! Cue races are happening! Cue, for those of you who are not familiar with the more delicate food stuffs of Latin America, are better known to Americans as guinea pigs and they are quite the treat on a spit. I am considering trying a Peruvian cue later on; you know, purely scientific reasons. Ecuadorian cue versus Peruvian cue...

But actually I bring it up to point out that this town that I am living in is incredibly young. The whole zone is only three years older than me but it has accomplished so much more than I have!

I feel really excited to be here in such a young city. The higher I go in the zones, the more I feel like I am seeing what Silver City may have roughly been like. Obvio, minus the electricity and such, but to see the progression and development is amazing. There is an incredibly strong sense of community here which I greatly admire (again, much like Silver). Siempre, when you pass your neighbor, you say hello and spend a few moments with them, even if you are absolutely dying to run to the bathroom which you know is scant feet behind the next door. Not that I speak from experience or anything... 

As much as I love Huaycan, and I do love it very much, I know there are very unhealthy aspects too. So, for anyone who thought I may have been snobby in the last post, I am not completely oblivious to the issues here. One particularly sweet child has an abusive father, many women are abused, and there are no outlets for them. This really inspires me to work with an NGO for a longer period of time, conduct the research, establish the connections and try to make an impact in the lives of those who need it. For women, and men, there is little to no talk of STDs, safe sexual practices, consensual sex , ect. There are also huge wastes of natural resources, there is practically no practice of recycling, animals are never neutered and so there is a vast and unhealthy population. While these are not glamourous, they are truthful and need to be addressed. These are the sorts of management issues I would like to become involved in. 

So this is one of millions of young cities and like a young child the best way to get 'em is get 'em while they are young. This weekend, I am doing research on NGO's and other global development positions/educational tracks that I could be involved in and will be watching copious cue races.

Hopefully, with guacamole and beer.

Postscript: After a skype with a friend, I realized I would like to toss out a thank you to those of you who do read this. I greatly appreciate your time and love you all very much.

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Reply Erin Johnson
10:38 AM on July 15, 2011 
Avocados are that cheap!! You need to send me about 50 pounds!